"We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren't acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst. I love the night. It's the only time I feel really alive." -Mirela

Origin Edit


Homeland: Yunith

History Edit

Vampires are monsters, fated and infected by a vile curse that transformed them into creatures of nightmare. Normal emotions have become alien to them. Only cold, gnawing hunger remains. Most of those who become vampires are victims of monstrous attacks, created by a callous hunter who drained them dry of blood and life force, then cast them aside. Others seek out this path from their own fear of infirmity and death, discovering the arcane rites and alchemical formulas that promise dark power. In some cases, someone finds his or her vampirism invoked by an ancient family curse, or that he or she is a member of an extended clan of vampires who pass their blood down to those they deem worthy - whether by choice or not.

Whatever their origins, vampires are not slaves to their creators. Even those beholden to an older vampire retain free will, and have a chance to avoid sinking into the bestial depravity so common among their kind. These vampires are the most exceptional examples of those who carry this dark curse, using their powers not solely for murder and personal gain. Some become the greatest of heroes, but even those vampires are aware that few among the common folk have the ability to see past the frightening reality of their dark nature. Avoiding the scrutiny of superstitious folk and disguising his or her needs and abilities serves a vampire best. Trusted companions, enemies to slay and feast upon, and reasons to avoid civilized areas for extended times make an adventuring life the perfect choice for such individuals.

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