"The war of ruin defined history. The two greatest powers in the world fought, and the stakes were the mortal realm itself. Heroes and villains on both sides clashed in legends that will live on forever..." -Marhana



DM: David

Preceeded by: Rise of the Todes Lords

Succeeded by: Godhunters


A prequel to Oathkeepers of Yunith and Traitors of Io, War of Ruin is set before the Cataclysm. The Empire of Bael Turath is engaged in all out war with the Arkhosian Empire, while division stirs among the Sidhe of the Feywild, and the Spellplague, a curiosity studied by the Wizards of the Spire, has consumed much of Alluria and sweeps south for Nerath. A surprise strike by Norok the Dragon nearly wipes out Baldur's Gate, and it is only by the intervention of five unlikely heroes that any defense remains. Sent on a secret quest by Prince Zeth, and aided by the apprentice wizard Aemon  and the dwarf Darus, these Heroes of Baldur's Gate must battle dragons, outwit the Queens of Fey, and hold back the forces of the Nine Hells...