"Get past me? You may as well try to push the mountains aside." -Cherrywood

Identity Edit


Source: Primal. Wardens are primal champions, guardians of the natural world and custodians of all living things.

Role: Defender. Wardens are sturdy and resilient, and they can assume bestial or treelike forms to destroy their foes.

Implement: None.

History Edit

As mountains stand fast against the buffeting wind and trees bend but do not break in the storm, wardens are stalwart protectors who draw on the primal spirits of nature to defend the natural world from those who would corrupt or destroy it. Some wardens use the power of earth and stone to shield their allies from harm, whereas others summon the primal strength within themselves to increase their ferocity and tenacity.

Some wardens are staunch defenders of tribes, chosen by the spirits to be their peoples' champions. Others are visited by spirits at sacred groves and charged with protecting them against a spreading corruption. Still others were raised by bears or nurtured by dryads, chosen from infancy to stand fast against nature’s enemies.

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