"The darkness holds no terror for me, demon! I curse you now under the Sign of Ill Omen!" -Illyriel

Identity Edit


Source: Arcane. Warlocks gain their magical power from a pact they forge with a powerful, supernatural force or an unnamed entity.

Role: Striker. Warlocks attacks are highly damaging and often weaken or debilitate the target in some way. They can elude attacks by flying, teleporting, or turning invisible.

Implement: Rods, wands.

History Edit

Warlocks channel arcane might wrested from primeval entities. They commune with infernal intelligences and fey spirits, scour enemies with potent blasts of eldritch power, and bedevil foes with hexing curses. Armed with esoteric secrets and dangerous lore, warlocks are clever and resourceful foes.

However a warlock came to his or her arcane knowledge, they need not accept the poor reputation warlocks sometimes endure. They could be a libram-toting scholar captivated by ominous lore, a foot-loose wanderer searching for elusive ultimate truths, a devil-touched hunter using infernal spells to eliminate evil, or even a black-clad mercenary who uses sinister trappings to discourage prying strangers and unwanted attention. On the other hand, they could be a true diabolist using their gifts to tyrannize the weak - some warlocks unfortunately are exactly that. 

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