"Onward to victory! They cannot stand before us!" -Podrus

Identity Edit


Source: Martial. Warlords become experts in tactics through endless hours of training and practice, personal determination, and their own sheer physical toughness.

Role: Leader. Warlords are inspiring commanders and masters of battle tactics.

Implement: None.

History Edit

A warrior can learn much from history, for war stains its pages. Every conflict that has erupted between peoples, every battle that forged an empire, and every failure that led to that empire’s fall prove instructive to those who study them. The warlord is a military leader, a skilled commander gifted with tactical genius, keen insight, an inspiring personality, or some other asset that convinces others to follow him or her into danger. Warlords draw from their experiences and the maneuvers and tactics used by their predecessors to dictate a battle’s terms. Their commands compel others to action. Their plans can shatter an enemy’s offensive. Even their mere words can stir hearts and ease wounds. With a warlord in charge, there’s little an adventuring group cannot do.

Each warlord earns the right to command because he or she has a special talent. Tactical genius is enough for most. Others have personalities so strong they can convince others to adopt their cause. Some warlords favor brash action, while others have a knack for finding more subtle solutions to problems. Whatever form a warlord’s leadership ability takes, it improves and emboldens those who fight at his or her side.

Some warlords are chieftains who work to raise their standing through their accomplishments in the field. Others take up the profession because they feel called to fight for some noble end and to attract like-minded people to fight at their side. Warlords can be found among mercenary bands, scouts, military units, militias, and just about anywhere where warriors gather to fight. 

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