"And I just cleaned my armour." Wilward



Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Empire of Bael Turath


As with many Knight Protectors of Nerath, Wilward grew up in one of the great cities of Nerath, specifically Vor Kragal. A highborn boy, Wilward received a significant education in matters of state, and he was expected to play the game of influence and power in the Imperial courts. Even so, Wilward was always too passionate for his own good, and his longing for adventure drew him to the Hall of Valor in Vor Rukoth. It was here that the griffon Livy chose Wilward to ride her, and Wilward swore his oath as a Knight Protector of Nerath.

Wilward and Livy were near to Modea when the Arkhosians launched the first invasion, and they learned of the First Battle of Modea along with five other Knight Protectors. The six flew to Modea, and fought alongside the paladin Eilthyra to break the Arkhosian siege. Wilward lost Livy to the Sorcerer King, though his survival made him the highest ranking Knight Protector in the city. Wilward assumed command of the Turathi forces in Modea, and led the Knight Protectors, the Order, and the Wizards of the Spire to victory in the Second and Third Battles of Modea.