"Thus die those who attack the innocent. Death's harvest is rich with the blood of cowards, and the virtuous have the strength to reap it. The claimer is here. Take heed." -Wisp



Race: Revenant

Trade: Avenger

Affiliation: Knights of Morgnan, Kingdom of Kryta


The avenger known as Wisp remains something of a mystery, even to his fellow Knights of Morgnan. Even the founder of their order who offered Wisp a place among them knows only that Wisp is a spirit returned from death. The revenant never told anyone that he remembers images and feelings from his past life, including the tragedy that killed him. The Raven Queen, goddess of the death, returned his soul to the mortal realm, granting him a physical body, and charging him with a sacred duty as her revenant. 

There is little passion in Wisp's killing, and no pity. Death is the threshold all must cross to meet their final destiny. Of course, some deserve to make that crossing sooner than others. That's where he comes in.