"The queens of the fey perished with our world. The seelie and unseelie courts pass into twilight. Even the Seldarine's favor is fading away. Yet my mistress has not abandoned us. My mistress has never abandoned us." -Illyriel



Race: Archfey

Class: Witch

Affiliation: Fey



The origin and background of the so-called 'Witch of the Wilds' remains a complete mystery. According to the warlock Illyriel, believed to be a servant of the Witch of the Wilds, her 'mistress' came to the Mortal Realm from the Feywild during the final battle between Mab and Tiandra. Illyriel compared her mistress' power to that of the queens of the Fey, and to the archfey, though after Illyriel betrayed them, the Eladrin are slow to trust her comparison. 

In the Fourth Era, one of Stendarr's Chosen also claimed to be a servant of the Witch of the Wilds. Marrduk, who later ascended to the throne of Kryta, wielded maddening powers unknown to all but the archfey in his war against Selesnya. After his coronation, Marrduk named the elven woman Yavana his advisor. Though none had ever heard tell of this Yavana before Marrduk brought her to Ascalon, she quickly proved both her wisdom and influence in supporting Marrduk's reign. Yet whispers of dark secrets in the palace persist, and the mysterious Witch of the Wilds may be the last hope for diminished and scattered Fey people.