"We are the first arcane order, founded when knowledge of such powers was limited to a handful of scrolls and the ramblings of mad men." -Garel-Kai

Wizards of the Spire


Era: First and Second

Founder: Jenda-Shan

Fealty: Empire of Bael Turath

Distinctions: Robes and staves


Founded early in the first era by Genasi in Alluria, the Wizards of the Spire sought to collect and instruct knowledge of arcane power. Though initially comprised of sorcerers, the Spire pioneered the instruction of arcane lore to mortals without such natural powers. Thus, the first wizards belonged to the Spire. The Wizards of the Spire, though predominantly Genasi, have long owed their allegiance to the men of Nerath. During the War of Nerath, the Wizards of the Spire swore their fealty to the throne of Nerath, and therefore, Queen-Regent Pyranika Synnaridia.

The archmage was the heart of the Spire. They determined the course the order would take, they chose which apprentices were to be tested and made full mages, and they had the highest authority in matters of membership and allegiance.

Assisting the archmages were the first mages, a small council of the most trusted and experienced mages in the Spire. From this group, the next archmage was always chosen. Beneath the council were the senior mages. These were the teachers and mentors of the Spire, and the senior mages always knew what was happening among the apprentices. All those who passed their Harrowing but did not take apprentices were mages. 

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