"I'm scared. Hold me?" Zanril



Race: Human

Class: Wizard

Affiliation: Wizard of the Spire


The mighty wizard Zanril got his start as little more than a kitchen boy for Castle August in Yunith. When he was discovered to have potent arcane aptitude, he was taken to the Spire and apprenticed to a capable pyromancer. Zanril studied fire for years, eventually becoming a Wizard of the Spire himself. When the Empire of Arkhosia began the first invasion, Zanril was one of the mages sent by the Spire to support the Empire of Bael Turath's counter-attack. 

Meeting with the assembled forces in Modea, Zanril was introduced to the commander of the Knight Protectors of Nerath, Wilward, and the hero of the Order, Eilthyra. Zanril proved instrumental in combating the Dragonsoul Heirs and the adepts of the Ninefold Path during the Second Battle of Modea. As one of the only surviving wizards of the battle, Zanril was celebrated as a hero and referenced by the Spire as an expert on the Arkhosian Empire. Zanril encountered the twins Maetheus and Samantia, and fought alongside them in the Third Battle of Modea.