"I am not my father!" -Prince Zeth



Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Affiliation: Knight Protectors of Nerath, Empire of Bael Turath


The only son of Emperor Incerion Pelaios, Zeth Pelaios has been the Crown Prince from birth. Raised in the great obsidian city of Vor Rukoth, Prince Zeth was unlike his father. Rather than cunning and politics, he found he preferred valor and nobility. The common folk rejoiced when Prince Zeth rode with the Knight Protectors of Nerath, and for his charitable nature and generous conduct, the people called him the White Raven. 

Nevertheless, Prince Zeth was born into an age of war. Time and time again, the Knight Protectors followed him into battle against the Empire of Arkhosia, and every time he led them to victory. But when Emperor Incerion sent for him to return to Vor Rukoth, Prince Zeth learned of the secret quest to turn the Arkhosians against one another. Uncomfortable with a plan that was likely to cost the lives of courageous champions, Prince Zeth sent for a Wizard of the Spire.

When Alec Quinn, Count Grodd, Gor, Mariel, and Mariz Kad arrived, Prince Zeth instructed them to aid the rogue Tahli, leader of the Kobold Rebellion, in freeing his people and dividing the Empire of Arkhosia. Apprentice wizard Aemon opened a Way to Athas, and sent the Heroes of Baldur's Gate on their first quest. Months later, as they returned, Prince Zeth greeted them, took charge of the mortally wounded Mariel, and apologetically sent Count Grodd, Gor on to the Feywild. Emissaries of both empires were competing for influence with the Queens of Fey, and Prince Zeth trusted none more than the Heroes of Baldur's Gate. 

After their accidental detour through Shadowfell, the heroes contacted Prince Zeth and informed him of the division between Tiandra and Mab, as well as the presence of the Avatar of Io. Prince Zeth warned them that the Avatar was the highest Dray in the Empire of Arkhosia, an undefeated warlord, and a holy warrior of great power.